Monday, December 12, 2016

Play The Drums!

My son is a musician at heart, always has been from the time he was born up until now. He faithfully goes and sits by the musicians in every service, no matter where we are. Sunday Morning we were visiting with another ministry during their 8am service. Langston brought his drumsticks as he always does. The drummer had to get up and the Pastor was ready to close his message....Langston saw that opportunity, hopped up and stood by the drums. He was waiting for somebody to give him the "go ahead!" one of the members looked at him and said go 'head. I was reluctant because it's not my church and I know some people are funny about children getting on their instruments. Well Langston took that "go 'head" and ran with it and jumped on them drums. When the drummer came back in...he was going to get off, but the Pastor said "No, let him stay right there!" and Langston finished out the service and did a great job! So much can be taken away from that:

#1...Langston was Ready...he was in a position to be the right place at the right time with the right stuff!
We must ensure that we are ready to be used of God, possessing everything that we need to do his work. Whether its a pair of fresh drum sticks, a fresh anointing, a fresh word, a fresh revelation or a fresh praise. We must be #ready #willing and #able to be used of God. Now just suppose if Langston didn't have his drum sticks that Sunday. He would've missed his opportunity to showcase the gift and talent God is developing inside of him! Always be prepared! Always Stay Ready!

#2....He didn't move until he got clear directions from someone in authority. He was obedient and willing!
Langston knew what time it was...he knew that the preacher was closing his message out and that the drums needed to be added to the closing. However, he also knew that this wasn't his church and he didn't have permission to get up there, so what did he do? He waited! He waited for instructions, he waited for someone in authority to tell him, to get up there. He didn't move until he received his cue. Once he got his cue he moved expeditiously in order to execute and fulfill his calling for that moment. We must wait for God's instructions whether they come thru the Holy Spirit, His man/woman servant or from confirmation through His word. And once we receive that, we must move! Quick, fast and in a hurry! Move while God is moving and while he has given you the "go ahead" to proceed. The best time to move is while God is giving clear instructions. Don't fear and don't be hesitant. Know the voice of God for yourself and MOVE!

#3...He seized the opportunity and made the most of it. 
Despite me being unsure, Langston was sure. He knew within himself that this is the moment I've been waiting for! He didn't let the puzzled look on my face stop him..he said now is my chance and I've got to move! In spite of what those say around you, you've got to know for yourself! You've got to know that God has called you to do what you are doing and do it! He made the most of his moment! He took full advantage of the opportunity presented to him. He wasn't interested in anything negative that I had to say, but he was READY TO MOVE! He was confident in his gift and knew that he possessed the skills to step in and go forth! Confidence is needed in order to do what God has called you to do, because some will question your ability and others will question the call on your life, but you have to know for yourself!! #confidence #readytomove

#4....The pastor recognized the willingness of his heart and didn't move him when the actual drummer came back in. 
A good leader will recognize the sincerity of your heart. Now, no Langston didn't hit every beat just right, he messed up a couple of times, but there was a sincerity and willingness that you could see and even though the regular drummer came back in, the pastor saw Langston's heart. In addition, this tells me and you not to be so quick to think that no one can take our place. God can raise up somebody to do what we think, only we can do! Now, the other drummer had a valid excuse for getting up, but not always in life do we have a valid reason for moving out of place. We just do it because we are so sure that no one can do what we do as well as we do it BUT God always has a ram in the bush, a back up plan, somebody who isn't full of pride, but just wants God to be glorified and if we slip up, God will have them waiting in line! On the flip side those of us who are faithful, must continue to be faithful because we don't know when God is going to give us the opportunity of a lifetime....and Be not weary in well doing for in due season!! Due season is coming and you must be in place to receive and ready to move!


Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I was sincerely praying the other day and as I was praying, the word "Bitterness" came before me. So of course I was trying to figure out what was the meaning of this. After prayer, I immediately began to research bitterness and prayers against bitterness. I discovered that bitterness is tied to so many other things and it brought the saying "roots of bitterness" to life for me because bitterness is the underlying problem of it. Unforgiving, resentment, jealousy, hatred, etc. they all go back to bitterness. It is amazing, how you can think you are over something, only to discover you just simply buried it. You assume because you don't think about it anymore, or have learned to cope with it that it no longer exists, but that is so far from the truth in many cases.

Sometimes we act different towards certain people or are snappy with them or may occasionally catch an attitude over something silly and it all results back to bitterness. I find that it is especially easy for men to harbor bitterness and allows it to take root in our emotions, because most men are not expressing themselves. Most men are not openly expressive about their feelings and do not disclose the hurt they encounter and as a result they are withdrawn or build up walls not even knowing the lasting effect that it may have.

There is a lot of fatherly neglect in the African-American community, I find so many young boys, have no contact with their father and many are clueless as to who their father may even be. A sense of responsibility is missing; the element of fatherly instinct to protect, care for and cover his family is void and non-existent in many of our communities. I believe bitterness plays a vital role in this issue we face today.

So many fathers are upset at how relationships turned out with the "baby mama," but I must bust your bubble....that is totally, absolutely and utterly irrelevant to the care and concern for your child! You have a responsibility to be a part of your child's life and help raise him in the way of God. So don't let bitterness take root in your heart, because its roots will bury deep and cause grave effects. Guard your heart, keep a consistent prayer and fast life and if you have an issue with  someone discuss it, forgive and move on! It's not worth occupying any of your time, as my dad use to tell me "I've got bigger fish to fry!"

It's Been A While....

WOW! It's been about 4 years since I last blogged! So much has changed, so much has evolved, but the one thing that remains the same is the Power Of Jesus! That's what this entry is about, the Power of Jesus and how he never changes and never fails. Despite how life can change in a moment, or how things can happen so fast, Jesus never changes. I can hear my grandmother singing the old hymn "Life is filled with swift transition, naught of earth unmoved can stand, build your hopes on things eternal and hold to God's unchanging hand" His hand never changes, that's simply amazing. No matter how many changes happen in our lives, Jesus is always a constant! This isn't a long entry
but its powerful. It's a blessing to know that no matter what life throws at me, whether it be lemons, oranges or watermelons...Jesus will never leave me or forsake, he will always be on my side and help me through every issue, situation and problem. Situations change, people change, jobs change, attitudes change and some of the changes are good, but even so Jesus always remains the friend that sticks closer than a brother!
We can always depend on Him, even when we can't depend on ourselves. Take confidence in the unfailing and unchanging Power of Jesus! #heneverchanges

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Daddy Comes Home....

As I stated in my earlier post I was away for the weekend at the Convocation. However, when I arrived back at home, my children came running to me as I came through the door both shouting "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" My heart was surely filled with joy to hear this and see this. Of course I didn't burst out in tears or anything like that...working on that whole showing emotions thing ;-), but as for most men displaying our emotions is not on the top of the list.

Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see and hear the love from my children. As Godly men, we should thrive to have that type of relationship with our children, that when/if we do leave or are gone for a specified time, they should be over joyed to see us return. If your children, aren't happy to see you or excited about your return, that is a good indication that something is wrong. You have to build a rapport and relationship with your children. 

Men, I say to you once again, nothing should be more important to you than your family, especially your wife and children, however if you are single, then after God, should be your children! Whatever it takes to provide for them, show them your love and care, and be there for them, it is your job to do it. Too many of us slack off of our job, for whatever reason, but it is time to rise back up and take our rightful place in our homes and in our children's lives.

Bishop C. E. Blake, Church Of God In Christ Presiding Bishop read a scripture from Ezra. Its found in chapter 8 and verse 21b. It states " that we might afflict ourselves before our God, to seek of him a right way for us, and for our little ones," It was important to the leaders of Israel that not only they find the right way, but also for their little ones or children. As fathers, we must have that same concern, not only that we are safe, healthy and well taken care of, but for our little ones, our little girls and boys, that they too are safe, healthy and well take care of. 

You have to be protective over your children, after all they are God's gift to us and on judgement day we don't have to tell God that we misappropriated his gift for us, because of misplaced priorities. We must be sure to always keep our children in the forefront of our minds. No game, friends, trip, phone, gadget, person or any other thing should be able to hinder us from fulfilling our duties as Godly fathers. God has given the covenant to us and we must execute with care, diligence and discipline. Remember, Godly fathers provide protection, care and love for their children. It is always safe when daddy is home...

From My Eyes...

Hey guys! Hope everyone enjoyed Veteran's Day, well it's back at it!....

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Church Of God In Christ Annual Holy Convocation in St. Louis, MO. It was a last minute trip but definitely a much needed one. I just want to talk about some of the things I saw this year. For some reason, I was at a different vantage point this year, maybe it was because I didn't have my family with me, not exactly sure, but nevertheless, I saw some things differently.

First off, my heart was grieved, my spirit was vexed and my mind was troubled as I watched the sight of young people at the Convocation. Many of the young men walked around acting like little girls, with tight clothes on, switching and twitching. It disturbed me because I saw so many and they seemed so comfortable among the people of God. "WOW", became my statement for the weekend! Then I saw young women, who had some of the tightest clothes on, that I have ever witnessed in my life. They were showing cleavage, lower and upper thighs, and not to mention the shape of their behinds. I am all for the young women not dressing like "old grandma's" but my goodness, decency and respect for yourself should come into play at some point.  I wondered if these young men had stable fathers in the home, I wondered were they aware of their mannerisms and actions. Even my roommate asked at one point "I wonder do their moms know they are out here acting like this?" It was a sight to behold. As for the young women, I wondered if they lacked attention somewhere in their life, I wondered are they trying to get the attention of someone in particular, I wondered did they realize what they were advertising? I don't care how saved and holy you are, when a man, a real man sees that type of exposure from your body, his mind automatically reflects to something else, now if he is a godly man full of the Holy Ghost (much like myself), he is able to pull himself back from those thoughts, however if he is not, he enters a lustful state of mind.

Secondly, I saw another group of people at the Convocation. I call them the "movers and shakers" probably not for the reason you think though. I call them that because everywhere I saw them they were moving and shaking somebody's hand. Everywhere they went, they were trying to leave their indelible print in the minds of famous people, authority figures and church leaders. Their sole focus was trying to climb what I call "The COGIC Ladder of Success." Ascending to the leadership of our church through namedropping and keeping appearances. I wondered, did these people really know what it meant to be in leadership? Are they sure that there character can handle all of the scandal that comes with leadership? Have they been trained for leadership? Do they have the qualities needed to lead others? Do they have a genuine love and concern for people? That is one thing that I can truly say about my pastor, He has a true concern and love for people. It takes that kind of attitude and perspective to be able to lead people and gain their respect. I even heard statements like "Don't forget me doc" and "When you get elevated, be sure and promote me too!" Those statements worried me so, because I would rather have a spirit led appointment than a man-made appointment and also faithfulness does still count for something right? Not all the time do people have the background, money, or experience, but because of their faithfulness, they should receive something. 

Thirdly, I saw a dying church. Again, probably not in the way you are thinking, but let me explain. I saw a church that appeared to be doing well on the outside, with our designer clothes, money and good appearances but on the inside there were so many internal problems. The power of the Lord moved so strongly during the youth services on Friday Night and Saturday Morning. Praise God for President Dillard, Vice President Young and Chairlady Rodgers who allowed the Lord to use them mightily as God completely and utterly destroyed the program to do what he wanted to do, however as I looked out over the crowd, there were still so many who were sitting there looking. The Lord had me to walk around in both services and I just observed people as the Holy Ghost was moving and I saw so many young people and adults for that matter, still playing, talking, texting, tweeting, facebooking, some were even changing shoes, putting on make-up, fixing their hair and at one point eating. I was so amazed at how they sat nonchalantly as the move of God went forth. Something else I saw, was a young man really trying to breakthrough, but those that were working with him, were lacking the fortitude and power to help bring him to his deliverance. One of the old mothers got up and began working with him and he almost reached it, but Mother became tired and had to sit, yet those who were there all along didn't have enough spirit or power to pick up where she left off. 

Finally, overall the trip was good, I definitely received what I needed from the Lord, but my heart was still disturbed for those individuals who had another agenda. My prayer for this generation is for us to become that Psalms 24:6, the generation that seeks him! Until next time.....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whose That Lady?

There are quite a few single fathers in this generation. Either from having children out of wedlock or divorce. This group of men is sometime rarely addressed and they too face issues and problems.

As my dad once told me "Once you taste apple pie, a regular apple just won't do!" In other words once you've been exposed to sex, that's what your flesh will call for. 

Single fathers, once you commit your way to God and become determined to live a pure and chaste life before God, you must eliminate all contacts, relationships and ungodly ties with those individuals who are not thinking the same way. If you continue to hang with those who are sexually active and those who constantly talk about it, it will only draw you back into that web of impurity. 

As a single father, your first and most important priority is your child! Finding a new wife or getting a new girlfriend is secondary to your child. Yes, I realize you are a man, and it is not good for you to be alone, but when you bring a new life into this world, that becomes your sole priority above all else. You should not leave the burden to the mother, simply because you two are not together anymore. Do not use that as a way to cause heartache for her, because that is immature and childish. Remember, you are a man now!

If and when you do start dating again, don't expose your children to multiple women. Don't let them see you being a player and always dating some new girl. That is not the image you want to display to your child. If you have a son, he will see that it's OK to have multiple partners and not commit and to your daughter you are saying, it's OK to have a man that dates other women. Be discreet! Use wisdom! Whoever you do decide to marry will have interaction with your children, and you want her to be someone who will love your children and treat them with respect.

As a single father, don't neglect your financial obligations to your child, to buy things to impress others, such as clothes, shoes and accessories. Instead use your money wisely and invest in your child's future. Women who are impressed only with your outer appearance, are vain and not the type of woman you want to hook up with or expose to your children. You want a woman who loves God most of all and who will help build you up and help you as a father, not one who will be concerned with clothes and impressing other. 

Lastly, as a single father, work with your children's mother. Although your relationship with her didn't work out, you still have to work together in raising this child. Don't make things difficult for her, especially when it comes to visitation and child support. Do your part! Be a Godly man! Don't give her any reason to speak negative against you as a father. And if she is not doing her part, don't you try to make her do pray..........yes I said pray! Prayer can reach places in the heart that you didn't know existed and as the saying goes "Prayer changes things and people too!" Sometimes this seems like its not enough action, but trust me Prayer works!

Remember, the example you set for your children today, will be the actions they show tomorrow!

D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E Part 1

This is a subject not often talked about in the church anymore. Our modern times are not filled with basic teachings of the Bible for basic living. Topics such as marriage, parenting, finances (tithes), education, prayer, attending church, etc. are not preached or taught about. Most of the times we hear messages about "blessing plans" "get rich quick" but very rare do we hear basic fundamentals and principles. So with the help of God, I am going to attempt to be transparent and real with you about this. 

Discipline with children, is very necessary! The Bible says  " It is never fun to be corrected. In fact, at the time it is always painful. But if we learn to obey by being corrected, we will do right and live at peace. (Hebrews 12:11 CEV). Listen at the wisdom of this scripture! God is telling us that although it is not an enjoyable thing to be corrected, if we are we will do right and live at peace! Now who doesn't want their child to live right and be at peace? Discipline is what keeps children from going the wrong way.   As Godly fathers, we must discipline our children. Too often, do we put discipline off to the mothers, while we watch the game or hang out with the boys and leave all the discipline to them, however as Godly fathers, we must step up to the plate and discipline our children as well.

"If you love your children,you will correct them; if you don’t love them, you won’t correct them. (Proverbs 13:24 CEV)" It is just that simple, if you find yourself not disciplining your children, then you don't really love them! If you find yourself letting them  get away with doing wrong, then you don't really love them. True love sees you going the wrong way and wants to help you get back on course. True love does not pacify you in your wrong, but it gives you direction to the right path. 

Now for the big one "spankings," well lets see first what the word of God says Do not withhold discipline from a child;  if you punish them with the rod, they will not die. Punish them with the rod  and save them from death (Proverbs 23:13 - 14). Sounds simple enough to me! What we must understand as Godly fathers, is that we do not follow opinions, theories, or heresies...we follow God's Holy Word! We have to live by the word and obey the word! And if God's word says to spank them, then we must be obedient and spank them when they have done wrong! Now remember, your job is not to kill them, but to spank them, which is a physical form of correction for their wrong. Spanking is still God's way! Some mothers don't want the father's to spank the children, but father you have a mandate from God to discipline your children................Stay Tuned for Part 2